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REAF are a local pressure group who are opposed to the commercial development of Shale Gas Fracking in Lancashire. We encourage collaboration and debate on this important issue and invite you to join us in our fight against further exploration or production in the UK.

REAF are a group of ordinary people ranging from local residents, councillors, academics, local growers and concerned pensioners who value their community and the surrounding countryside and are trying hard to provide access to information that potentially may affect your community also.

REAF members have been interviewed, quoted and appeared in many media formats including Bloomberg News, Radio Four’s Open Country as well as appearing on BBC North West News and live on Radio Lancashire

REAF have also worked with other important groups in the community such as Lancashire Police, Friends of the Earth, The Co-Operative, Campaign Against Climate Change and many others.

We hope to give you an opportunity to ask questions, get answers and invite sensible debate. Our main aim is to raise awareness and facilitate access to information as well as encouraging people to lobby their councillors and MP’s

On shore development of shale gas or ‘Fracking’ has rapidly become a subject that many people feel very strongly about. People have the right to know what is going on under their feet, and residents should be a much bigger part of consultation and planning process.

The fact that the beginnings of this industry appears to have slipped in under the radar of the people who are affected by it only adds to the general feeling of unease and concern; that this industry is being pushed on us at a rate which exceeds understanding and industry specific regulation.

We deserve, and should demand better, from our councillors, MP’s and government.


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  • June 2014

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